Hpe license portal

A license is required for the controller. In addition, SDN applications can require licenses that are separate from the license for the controller. Typically, you must have both a license for the controller and a license for each application. For Hewlett Packard Enterprise SDN applications, you register the license, obtain the license key, and activate the license on the controller using the same methods you use to register and activate controller licenses.

For information about obtaining license keys for an application, see the Administrator Guide for the application. For information on the different types of licenses and how to maintain license registration and activation after a controller software update, see License types, usage, and expiration. Preparing for license registration :. Prerequisites for license registration. Registering and activating a license.

hpe license portal

Registering your license and obtaining a license key using the My Networking portal. Activating a license on the controller. Managing licenses. Transferring licenses. Uninstalling licenses to prepare for transfer. Transferring licenses to a new platform. Use new license keys to activate the licenses on the target controller.

License Registration and Activation. Overview of the license registration and activation process. Preparing for license registration : Prerequisites for license registration Identifying the Install ID displayed in the controller UI Registering and activating a license Registering your license and obtaining a license key using the My Networking portal Activating a license on the controller Managing licenses Transferring licenses Uninstalling licenses to prepare for transfer Transferring licenses to a new platform Use new license keys to activate the licenses on the target controller.

Controller packet forwarding when hybrid mode is enabled. License types, usage, and expiration.Given with the product upon purchase. This number represents your right to install the particular type of license on a particular type of switch. Provided by the HP switch you will be installing the Premium license on.

Generated by the My Networking switch portal. The following procedures explain how to obtain this number which enables the Premium license feature on your switch. To perform tasks related to HP Switches, you must have credentials, switch passwords, and sign-in information for the My Networking switch portal.

Switch software licensing enables advanced features in certain ProCurve switches. The Premium license supports advanced routing features, including:. All HPyl, and series switches require a Premium license for the features listed above. All HP yl series switches include the features listed above a Premium license is not required.

For zl and zl series switches, some models do not require a Premium license. Use the show licenses command to determine if the switch already has a Premium license.

A previously installed license can be removed from a switch and transferred to another switch within the same product series. The below table shows the software licenses available for the switches covered by the Premium license.

Locate the registration ID. When you purchase a software license, you receive a folded license registration card. The registration ID is located on the inside of the card, in the upper left corner.

Get the switch's hardware ID. Establish a console connection to the switch CLI and enter Manager level, using the enable command if necessary and the switch password if required. Copy the hardware ID number from the screen. You must enter this number in the next step. Get the license key. Accept the End User License Agreement. A license key is displayed. HP Switch. Copy the license key from the screen. A copy of the license key will be emailed to you.

From a CLI console, save the switch configuration by using the command write memory. Enter the license key into the switch. Starting with software versions A. After the software is upgraded to these versions or later, the Premium license is activated no matter whether the premium license was installed for the previous version or not. Upgrading to A.

Use the show license command to identify the permanence of the Premium license. Using the commands license hardware-id premium and License install-id premium causes an error message such as: License Key already installed, can't generate Hardware Id. The license key generated by the My HP Switch Portal can only be used to enable the license features on one device. The Premium license is portable, letting you move your license between devices.

Once these software versions are installed and the original Premuim license is uninstalled, the default license is Premium. To move your license from a current device to a different device, you must uninstall the license on the current device.

A new registration ID will be generated for the new device once this procedure is complete.This website contains a number of great features specifically designed to adjust to your personalized needs. We focused on improved performance, navigation, ease of use, and consolidation of features.

Please read through the option descriptions below and on the navigation menu to provide you with knowledge on use of the site to maximize your experience. For your reference, we breakdown the look of the page into four major parts: Header, Menu, Detail, and Footer.

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There are eight options available for selection:. This page houses a number of "portlets".

hpe license portal

A portlet is an application plugin to interface software components. You can change the order of the portlets using standard drag-and-drop functionality. You can delete portlets by clicking on close button. Some portlets may not be removed.

Each portlet contains the option to minimize, maximize, or close on the top-right of the portlet. The My Products portlet displays list of all the products the user's entitlements returned. Use this portlet to help filter and personalize other portlets like Manual Library, Knowledge Library, and Software Patch.

The completed submission will appear in the Service Request Dashboard. The Search box on the header allows you to perform queries into the knowledgebase. You can further filter results using the Facet Search feature and leverage Saved Search criteria for easy current or future access to similar results. You can edit your personal profile information. The more detailed the information, the faster response from Software Support professionals after a Service Request submission will be.

Ask the IT Expert: HPE iLO Server Management Licensing Options

The My Entitlements option provides direct access to entitlement registrations for personalizations of your Dashboards. It also helps with providing products that you may receive service when submitting a new Service Request. The Configuration Items option provides access to create, maintain, and remove your installed product configurations for reference during service request submissions.

This area provides links to the larger Hewlett Packard Enterprise divisional services and is consistent with other public website content. Home : This menu option provides valuable configuration choices to personalize your Software Support Online SSO screens and service request submissions. This menu also offers, within the first two options Welcome and My Supportto quickly access the pre-login Welcome page and post-login My Support page from anywhere.

The Edit Profile option allows access to a personal information repository to always have information pre-populated on your service requests. The next option, My Entitlementsallows the user to register active contracts to govern permissions on the website for knowledge, service requests, and other areas.

The Configuration Items option allows for registration of installed product environments for easy reference when performing service request submissions. The Email Notification option allows for personalized notification settings for Service Requests. The Survey Preferences feature allows for control of survey invitations on completion of Service Requests.

The last option on the list allows the user to Sign Out. Dashboards : This menu options provides access to personalized set of portlets for easy access to information specific to the product selected in My Products. The first option, Dashboardsgives access to a consolidated set of portlets.The portal allows HPE users to manage their software license ownership. Additionally, it is possible to view, download, activate, or rehost HPE licenses.

An HPE Passport account is required to log in to the entitlement portal. First-time users of the portal are not linked to an organization. An entitlement order number EON will give you access to a specific order. If you are the first person to access an EON, you will be assigned as the order administrator.

As administrator, you can manage entitlements and grant user access. To view available entitlements, select the entitlements tab or manage entitlements link. From this tab, you can view, download, activate, update, and upgrade entitlements.

To view the entitlement details, select the entitlement product name. To activate an entitlement, select the activate link. When activating a license, you will need to identify the target by either selecting from the dropdown list or by entering a new target. The target is a user-defined reference for a real or virtual machine where the license will be installed.

You will also be asked to select a version and quantity to activate. Depending on the product, you may need to provide an IP address. In most cases, an activation key is automatically generated and made available for download. To move licenses from one machine to another, you must rehost the license. To rehost, select the rehost tab.

Open a target by expanding the target name. Select the product you would like to move, and click on rehost. Enter the new target information and click rehost. A new key will be generated automatically. You must be logged in to post a comment. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Access First-time users of the portal are not linked to an organization.

Rehost To move licenses from one machine to another, you must rehost the license. Leave a Reply Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment.Aruba Corporate Marketing blogs help you keep up with the latest network trends and news. Blogs are written by current and past Arubans employees. If you have any questions about these blogs, feel free This blog deals with a basic license creation within the "My Networking Portal" - the Hewlett Packard Enterprise tool which as well as allowing license creation, modification etc The basic License registration process has 5 steps:.

There may be more than one email address and either one is accepted in MNP for registration. There are several reference numbers on the email, you need the number that is located in the Order Number field. At a high-level, licenses can be divided into two categories, Flex and Capacity.

Within each of these categories, the license can either be perpetual or time constrained. Legacy Aruba flex licenses were delivered as a Certificate ID. The customer could order any quantity of the flex license and the Certificate ID was coded with that quantity.

The licenses within the Certificate ID cannot be split during registration. Registered subscription or evaluation licenses will provide a license key that is associated with an expiration date. Most subscription licenses will include the subscription term in the product description. These licenses are both subscription and flex. The purchased quantity indicates the number of supported devices, while the subscription term defines how long the devices will be supported by the license key.

This section will demonstrate license registration for a variety of products and license types to highlight the differences in the registration experience. You may have been asked to complete any missing company information the first time you log in to MNP. It is a good idea to verify the information is current from time to time.

HPE Software Licensing and Management Solutions (SLMS)

If you are being assisted by an HPE Support Agent, they will be happy to verify this information during your support call. To view your company information, Edit Profile from the home page. Under "Edit your additional profile information", choose Change company informationmake any necessary updates and click the Submit button. To initiate the license activation process, select Register License from the home page.

As a first step, enter the Sales Order Number and click the Next button.

hpe license portal

This Sales Order is found here:. Click the Next button. The purchased licenses on the sales order will be listed. These licenses can be registered at any time and each time you access the sales order you will see the quantity purchased and the quantity still available for registration. To choose a license, activate the radio button to the left of the license. This will open the Redeem box where you will enter the number of licenses to be registered to an individual device or system.

Step 3 of the registration process for a perpetual does not expireflex license is to read and accept the End User Software License Agreement by checking the I accept all of the above terms check boxes and click the Finish button.The HPE Partner Ready Portal delivers easier-to-find, personalized sales tools and resources to provide a faster and more collaborative sales engagement, training, demand generation and business management experience.

Direct access to the tools and information you need most Integrated and unified path speeds your power to act Single, secure and trusted portal brings everything together.

Want to become an HPE Partner? Get started and sign up today. Partner Ready Portal. Passport Sign In Error Your account is inactive. Error You do not have an account on this portal yet. Please register as a new user. For help, please click the Get Support button on the right side of your screen.

Caps Lock is on. New user? Register here.

hpe license portal

Forgot User ID or Password? Create Account Forgot Password. An easier way to engage The HPE Partner Ready Portal delivers easier-to-find, personalized sales tools and resources to provide a faster and more collaborative sales engagement, training, demand generation and business management experience. Get Support. Get support for your portal: Need help? Choose your region below and connect with the local Hewlett Packard Enterprise support team.

We can help you set up an account, get access to the partner portal and find the answers and information you need.Licensing complexity only increases with Cloud and hybrid IT. Costs and risks result from lack of license compliance. Challenging to manage? It is challenging to manage the broad range of software publishers, licensing contracts, license types and acquisition options associated with complex IT environments.

HPE Entitlements – How to View/Activate/Rehost HPE Licenses

Licensing complexity only increases with Cloud and hybrid IT and costs and risks result from lack of license compliance. Optimize your enterprise software investments: Enterprises need to respond to the new approaches in buying and using software. Enable business users to procure the software that they want through a straightforward buying experience, while leveraging proven skills and experience to optimize your complex enterprise software licensing contracts.

Get Control. Utilize HPE as your single source supplier. HPE tracks the information on all of your software contracts, purchases, and participating affiliates on a global basis. Get control of your licensing foundation. Start the cost reduction process. Reduce Costs.

Having a global single software supplier can bring immediate savings. Significant savings begin when HPE analyzes your software usage and spend. Trends and opportunities are quickly identified. Achieve Compliancy. Introduce best in class procurement practices. Remain compliant in license management. We hope you enjoy this monthly source of information on top vendor products and software licensing, brought to you by SLMS licensing specialists.

Software Licensing. Contact us. Software licensing can pose multiple challenges related to control, cost and compliance. The accredited vendor licensing experts at Hewlett Packard Enterprise are here to help. Software licensing is complex. Assess your cloud choices. Evaluate options and use rights. Unlock mobility rights. We provide Licensing Advisory, Reselling and Software Asset Management Services to help clients maximize their strategic software investments and drive cost reduction programs through improved control and compliance.

Microsoft software licensing is a critical component of many IT solutions in a changing workplace. We provide service providers with the knowledge they need to deliver Software as a Service SaaS to their clients. SLMS Hosting specialists provide knowledge, sales and operational support to enable service providers understand how to leverage SaaS environments most effectively.

See what is new in SLMS business. Learn more.

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